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Blogs etc is just as much ‘etc.’ as blogs -anything that doesn’t fit the academic definition of a book, article or chapter.

For NACLA, May 2018, on contemporary Latin American feminism and its backlash:  Ni Una Menos Stares Down Conservative Backlash.

Please find this report I wrote in 2016 on request of the European Parliament on Sexual Violence against Minors in Latin America, which also exists in Spanish: Violencia sexual contra menores.  Knowledge about sexual violence against children is finally growing rapidly as interest increases among global policy makers and local activists. This research paper outlines the comparative contours of scale, cause, policy, and activism in six Latin American countries.

Then some actual blogs. These were written for our research project website ‘Childhood in the Midst of Domestic Abuse‘, A review of Jade Gibson’s debut novel Glowfly Dance. Gender Justice and Memory: A Brief Overview of Emerging Themes‘, with Helen Scanlon, and ‘Reflections on The Handmaid’s Tale‘..


For the BBC Radio programme My Perfect Country: ‘Peru’s Poverty Reduction: Resounding Success or Reproducing Inequalities?’

For The Conversation: Anger at Violence against Women in Peru Spills over into Protest

Email Interview for World Politics Review: Violence and Impunity Top the Agenda for Women’s Rights Activists in Peru’,

For the website Sustainable Securities: ‘Of Ruptures and Continuities, Sexual Violence in Conflict’.

An IDI Working Paper I quite enjoyed writing: ‘On Ending Sexual Violence, Or Civilising War‘.

For the EU-LAC Foundation: ‘Expectativas para la Nueva Política de Género: romper estereotipos y dar poder

For the Overseas Development Institute: ‘Women and conflict: why we should not separate rape in war from the everyday reality of violence’.

Media interview on catcalling in Peru, 2015, for The Independent

Media interview on autocrat’s wives, 2012, for the BBC.

United States Institute of Peace Special Report: ‘Sexual Violence and Justice in Post-conflict Peru

University of Leeds, Politics and International Studies Working Papers: with Betsy Flores Sandoval. 2011. ‘Violencia doméstica y política social en el Perú 1990-2010: ¿qué ha cambiado?

and also the more theoretical essay: ‘Inequality, Normative Violence and Livable Life: Judith Butler and Peruvian Reality‘. see also a spoken version of this on:

For the LSE Non-Governmental Public Action Research Papers: ‘A relationship gone wrong? Research ethics, participation, and fieldwork realities’.


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